Digital Transformation in a Box

Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live and communicate. However, many companies in the region have yet to adopt digital in a big way. As an example, according to a research carried out by Cisco Systems Malaysia and business school IMD, 4 out of 10 businesses currently operating in any industry, will be displaced due to digital disruption.

Businesses today have to equip themselves with digital knowledge, or risk going out of business in the near future. This course provides companies and entrepreneurs with an overview in the technological trends that are shaping the future of business.

Seeing future digital trends...

Seeing future digital trends...

THE current state of digital transformation

  • What is the current state of digital transformation?
  • How are SME's prepared for digital transformation?
  • What are the key technological trends to look out for?
    • Industry 4.0
    • Internet of Things
    • Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence
Learn from the best, not necessarily just the west...

Learn from the best, not necessarily just the west...

THE game changers

What are the learning we can take from companies leading the charge into the digital future?

  • Case studies of how other companies are dealing with digital transformation
  • What are the challenges faced?
  • What are the results of this change?