Digital Marketing 101: What is digital marketing anyway?

Typical scenario, you’re at a Diwali gathering or your grandma’s 80th birthday and your cousin asks you, “What are you doing these days?” You confidently tell them that you’re a doctor, an accountant or a computer programmer and you immediately see that they have a picture of what that is in their mind.

Then I come along and say I work for a digital marketing company and I’m faced with a blank stare, a confused look or an exasperated expression. Some may ask a follow-up question, while others give me a polite nod and ask me about my brother in the US, who is an engineer.

So what is digital marketing? Well, let’s start with the book definition. The Financial Times Lexicon defines digital marketing as “…the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach the consumers…”

Digital channels are further described as being “…beyond internet marketing…” which includes mobile phones (apps, SMS, MMS), social media platforms, display advertising and search engine marketing.

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