Our Story

Disruption is the order of the day. Having worked with the largest brands in the market, we have seen this first hand. Those who don't learn, adapt and change have fallen by the wayside. The trifecta catalysing this change are as shown below.



The internet has been one of the greatest revolutions in the past century. It has helped bring a world of information into ones own home, be it in the city or in the countryside. It has also changed the way businesses connect and communicate with their customers. Knowing the ins and outs of the digital revolution will empower companies and businesses and prepare them for the new world.



Facebook has become the most populous "nation" in the world. As of end-June 2017, they have 2 BILLION monthly active users! Together with the other social media giants like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, they have the hearts and minds of the modern day consumer. Learning to engage and converse on these platforms is no longer an option, but a necessity for all business owners and companies. 



The iPhone just marked its 10th anniversary this year. In the last 10 years smartphone usage has been growing at an exponential rate. Some countries like Indonesia have skipped the fixed-line internet era, and moved headlong into massive mobile internet adoption. Marketing on mobile presents its own set of challenges. Smaller screens, shorter attention spans and millions of apps easily distract your consumers.  

Epiphanik was formed by a group of industry experts to help companies and business owners navigate through this complex and ever-changing world.